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Support the production of a unique film highlighting Eucharistic miracles and the deeper meaning of the Eucharist.

About the Film

Discover “The New Manna,” a high-quality film that highlights Eucharistic miracles and the life journey of Jesus, with the expertise of filmmakers from The Lion King, Pirates of The Caribbean, and more.

The film covers several Eucharistic miracles, particularly those that have been well-researched scientifically. An in-depth exploration of these miracles is interspersed with live-action scenes from the life of Jesus, revealing the deeper meaning of the Eucharist.

We believe that this film will help people come closer to the Truth and be both intellectually and emotionally moved and challenged.

"This film will be revolutionary through the combination of Live Action, Special Effects, Theology, and Science."

Ray Grijalba – Co-producer

Why Your Support is Essential

Currently, the film is in the production phase. So far, costs have been kept very low. The team is working voluntarily, so no high salaries need to be paid. Nonetheless, a total of about 1.4 million euros will be needed.

Financing is needed to enable the further production of this film. Many countries have set their own goals for fundraising.

From the Netherlands and Flanders, we hope to raise at least 35,000 euros.

Your contribution not only helps bring this special film to life but also brings people closer to the Eucharist.

Support us to complete the production and spread the message of Jesus’s true presence.

They also support "The New Manna"

In the film, several well-known Catholics also speak. In particular, the mother of the Blessed Carlo Acutis is closely involved with the project. Furthermore, Dr. Scott Hahn, Cardinal Arinze, and Fr. Donald Calloway have committed to this project because they believe 100% in “The New Manna” and wholeheartedly support the project.

"You cannot be a Carlo Acutis fan and not support this film!"

Antonia Acutis, mother of Carlo Acutis

Get Involved!

With this film, we want to increase the love for and understanding of the Eucharist. This is also the goal of Stichting Acutis, and we hope you can identify with it as well.

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