Support our campaign "The New Manna" now, click here and contribute to the production of a unique film about the Eucharist!

Project Translations

Translate various media into Dutch!

We approach various organizations to translate specific media into Dutch. This includes books and films, but also, for example, a game about Carlo Acutis!

Additionally, we support the production of a unique film: “The New Manna.” This film highlights Eucharistic miracles and the deeper meaning of the Eucharist, featuring the expertise of filmmakers who have worked on productions such as The Lion King and Pirates of The Caribbean. The film will combine live-action scenes from the life of Jesus with scientifically researched Eucharistic miracles, which will hopefully bring people closer to the Truth.

Stichting Acutis plays a crucial role in this project. We provide Dutch subtitles for the film and take responsibility for promoting the film in the Netherlands and Flanders once it is ready. Additionally, we contribute to the fundraising efforts from the Netherlands and Flanders.

Well-known Catholics, such as the mother of Blessed Carlo Acutis, Dr. Scott Hahn, Cardinal Arinze, and Fr. Donald Calloway, wholeheartedly support this project. Antonia Acutis, the mother of Carlo Acutis, says: “You can’t be a fan of Carlo Acutis and not support this film!”

Help us complete the production of this film and spread the message of Jesus’ real presence in the Eucharist. Donate now via our donation form and bring the love and understanding of the Eucharist closer to many.

You can still donate through our regular donation form on the website. Please specify that your donation is intended for “The New Manna”.

Purpose and target group

The project has a focus on people who want to use the various media, but in the Dutch language.

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