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Miracles of Blessed Carlo Acutis


Matheus, a six-year-old Brazilian boy, suffered from annular pancreas, a congenital abnormality of the pancreas. As a result, he could not keep down food or drink. One day, he was present at a blessing with a relic of Carlo Acutis in a church. When Matheus was allowed to touch the relic, he asked for the grace to stop vomiting, and from that moment, he was able to keep down his food and drink.

Matheus underwent several years of diagnostic tests, which revealed that his pancreas was healthy and his illness had completely disappeared. The doctors called it an inexplicable, complete healing. A miracle, therefore, that occurred through the intercession of Carlo Acutis.

Pope Francis recognized this miracle on February 21, 2020, leading to Carlo Acutis being beatified on October 10, 2020.

(Upcoming) Canonization:

Valeria Valverde, a 21-year-old woman from Costa Rica, severely injured her head in a bicycle accident in Florence, nearly dying as a result. She underwent an emergency craniotomy, and her condition was very critical; she could die at any moment. Six days after the accident, Valeria’s mother went to Assisi to pray for her daughter’s healing at the grave of Blessed Carlo Acutis. That same day, Valeria began to breathe on her own again, and the next day her upper limbs and partial speech were restored.

Ten days later, Valeria was discharged from intensive care and underwent further examinations, which revealed that the bruising in her brain had completely disappeared. Contrary to medical predictions, Valeria needed only one week of physical therapy, and on September 2, 2022, two months after her accident, she celebrated her complete healing with her mother at the grave of Blessed Carlo Acutis in Assisi.

On May 23, 2024, Pope Francis recognized this miracle, leading to Carlo Acutis being set to be canonized.

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